Tiger Lion Hybrid

27 January 2009
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This was more of a practice drawing than anything else.聽 These are two cats that i enjoy to draw and so i thought why not draw them in one.聽 I enjoy sci-fi and fantasy movies, like lord of the rings.聽 They interest me because of the creative monsters and animals that are portrayed in those movies.聽 I have always wanted to combine different animals to create a new one.聽 This not only allows me to make something new but also gives me the opportunity to understand and compare the differences between the two animals.聽 In the case of a lion and tiger i found that the tiger has a wider face and finer hair.聽 I know that there are already ligers which look more like giant tigers, so i thought id make a drawing that showed the two animals easily recognizable.聽 Even though they do blend in, you can tell where the tiger and lion is.聽 It was a great project and hopefully i can work get to do more work like this. Well i hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions please contact me.

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  • raji 6 years ago

    great drawing:)

  • prashant kirte 8 years ago

    art describe d mind & d soul in d form of Artist & his FEELINGs

  • Camilla Rose 9 years ago

    Amazing artwork 馃檪

  • Eli 9 years ago

    I just ran into this picture looking for my first tat n i am a lion in American astrology and a tiger in Chinese astrology so this is 1 that I’m thinking about, very nice….

  • Reilee 9 years ago

    Hi I think your drawings are purely amazing. I was wondering how you use your technique of indenting and then blending the graphite down? I’ve seen your turtorial but I can’t make mine look like fur. Also how do you draw dark fur like for example on a cheetahs nose?

  • Jenna 10 years ago

    I am a artist as well. I was looking for a wolf drawing and google gave me your picture of that wolf. I am also a big cat fan, but I thought that you could draw a giraffe and post it on your site. Giraffes are my favorite animals but i find it very hard to draw them. Thanks for the awesome drawings! God has given you an amazing gift!

  • Rachel 10 years ago

    Stumbled onto your site the other day, and have spent the weekend watching your tutorials and applying them to my work. I am also a keen big cats fan, but I work mainly with charcoal. I have been trying the scratching technique which works well but I may have to use thicker paper. Only difficulty I still struggle with when drawing tigers is shaping the muzzle of the tiger. Trying to get the sides of the tigers muzzle to look 3D and not flat. But the more I study your work the more I’m realising it all has to do with the way you lay down the feathering/scratching strokes of the fur, along with shading would that be correct? I always struggled with making the inner ears look realistic too but your tips and close up shots have helped tremendously thank-you.

    • onlypencil 10 years ago

      Hello Rachel, thanks for visiting. Well the using that technique requires you to understand a bit of how hair behaves. You need to understand the flow and see how it overlaps. This understanding will make it much easier to work with that technique. The best advice and something that i do with each of my projects is to first study whatever I’ll be drawing before i actually pick up a pencil. This gives me an idea of what direction i should take and helps with planning out the drawing. There is no point in indenting/scratching if you don’t know what you are indenting. It will take practice but with time you will get the hang of it. A thicker paper always works best but make sure that if you are using a needle to sand the tip a bit so it doesn’t shred through paper. Again, this will all come with practice. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • Alex 10 years ago

    I’m an artist too, and i love drawing big cats just like you! your an amazing artist. 馃檪

  • Eben 11 years ago

    Your so gifted , some poeple can only dream of drawing like this , God bless you !!
    thanks for your site , Its AMAZING !!!