Tiger Cub

3 November 2008
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This was a quick drawing that i did of a tiger cub. It started off as a sketch and it turned out to be a complete drawing. These animals are so powerful but i wanted to capture a moment where the tiger is relaxed. Well i hope you enjoy this one.

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  • onlypencil 10 years ago

    practice all i do. Its about improving what i\\'ve learned and coming up with new techniques. The best way to prevent smudging is to place a peace of paper under your drawing hand. By doing this your hand is not touching the paper and you won\\'t get any oils from your hand. These oils are the worst things that can end up on your paper. If it mixes with some graphite its almost impossible to remove from paper. Well if you have any other questions just contact me.

  • kdcat 10 years ago

    Indeed, how do you keep it from smudging? I've always had trobble with that too.
    I'm absulutly amaised by your drawings, you must be practicing constantly (though it seems like your at the point where you dont even need to practice!)

  • Pree 11 years ago

    aw i think im in love with it 馃榾 how do you get it to prevent from smudging? i always work from top left to down right, but smudges always appear…