Sphynx Cat Pencil Drawing

Sphynx Cat Pencil Drawing

Sphynx Cat

3 November 2008
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This cat is just beautiful, i just love the look of it. What made me decide to make this drawing was the pose that it had, it gives it such a unique and intense look. It was a great project also because it was hairless. This meant working with different textures, smooth to semi-rough.

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  • Charles 10 years ago

    All I can say is wow I’m an artist myself though I havent used my skills in years and i must say your pencil stroke and eye for detail far exceed anything i could hope to accomplish. Im very interested in your gorilla drawing and was wondering how i might get a copy of that print. I was actually on line looking for silverback photos that i might use for tattoo ideas when i ran across your work. I would be honored if u would allow me to use your picture.

  • joanna 10 years ago

    i am interested in the details of you drawing from a pic… this is great!

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  • Cindy 11 years ago

    I just wanted to tell you that your drawings are fantastic. I have sphynx cats and it is very hard to find a picture or drawing that is true. You did the sphynx exactly they way they look. I would like to know if you except pictures and draw from the picture. How much do you charge for a picture. I am a animal lover and I take pictures. I think you did a great job.

    • onlypencil 11 years ago

      thank you Cindy. Its true that these animals are unique and capturing that look was a challenge but it all came down to capturing those subtle details like skin spots. It was a great project and to this day its one of my favorites. I do accept commissions, i will email you the details if you’re interested. Well take care and hope you come back again.