Siberian Tiger

3 November 2008
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This one is by far one of my most detailed drawings that i have done. Its small in size but it probably has more detail than my larger drawings. My main focus was the fur, Siberian tigers have a thick coat and i wanted to capture that. Most people find it difficult to draw hair, but i have learned that its difficult because there is no understanding of what is being drawn. I believe that you can’t draw what you don’t know. You can always guess and try but you will not get the right details that will give your drawings realism. I always tell and explain in my tutorials that you must first study and understand what you will be drawing first before you actually pick up the pencil. This way you know what you want to accomplish and you put that on paper using the techniques that you have learned. I wrote a tutorial on what technique i use to draw hair and fur, you can check it out here . Well if you have any questions please contact me.

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  • lexie 6 years ago

    I love ur drawings!!!! I am doing an art project and I picked the siberian tiger. Your drawings really stood out!! (In a good way (: ) Good job!!鈾♀櫋♥♥

  • rigo 9 years ago

    wow your drawings go hard, i actually read and learn some tips from your art work, my question is how you became so good?can you offer any more tips on bettering one’s self?

  • Gabriel 9 years ago

    You have a great eye when it comes to your art. I myself have recently began to work on realism in wild life. Your tutorials helped a lot. Keep on doing what you do

  • overspy7 10 years ago

    I have no word to say. It’s just like a picture. Hmm, can you tell me where to download your drawing progress video? I just want to try one. ^_^

  • Mitch 11 years ago

    hi, your drawings are amazing, they look like photographs they are so realistic, i am just beginning to learn how to draw i'm not bad but i'm not good either, how long have you been drawing? and can you teach me to draw somewhere even close to your drawings?