Serval Pencil Drawing

Serval Pencil Drawing


5 May 2009
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Starting on the hair, which will take me a while to complete. This one has been really tedious, i don’t have much but from what i have done i can tell you that its going to be a long project.聽 The fine hairs is what will take the longest.聽 I don’t mind taking long to complete because i know that it will be worth it in the end. Well i hope to put an update soon because its been a while, but its been a聽 hectic life with other projects. Thanks for the support and for following my artwork.

Update: 12/16/2008-

I have began to work on the hair around the face. This drawing will measure 11″x14″, which will allow me to add lots of detail. One thing that i have learned from drawing smaller drawings is to take my time and to dedicate the necessary time to get the right results. With larger drawings, all i do is work in sections, each section is a drawing in itself and i take the necessary time until im satisfied with the results. The section that you see is about 2.5″x3″, so its just a small section from the whole drawing. Im using the same technique that i have used in other drawings. This one will take me a while and i don’t want to rush it, whatever time it takes until its just right. Well hopefully you can follow this one and let me know what you think. Figure 1.

Update: 12/20/2008-

It looks like i haven’t done much from my previous update but just that bit of section has taken me quite a while. When working with detail, i usually work in layers. First layer i indent,second i bring out the outlines with 4b pencil. I then start to add value by blending in the shadows. Once i have that i start to outline the clumps of hair that will give the illusion of layered hair. Its a slow process but the effects are great. This is going to be quite a large drawing with lots of detail so it will be a long project. With each new drawing that i do i tweak and change things that i learned from previous drawings. In this one im using a carbon pencil to produce much deeper darks. I first put down the carbon pencil and then run 4b pencil over that to make it much deeper. The results are really noticeable and makes drawing much more dramatic. I will be finishing off the right side and from there will move up to the ear.Figure 2.

Update: 1/2/2009-

Now that things are calming down from the holidays, i have been able to work on it a bit. I have spent quite some time working on the ear. Servals have large ears and having long hair within them has taken me some time to get the right look. Its still not complete, im working to add layers to give it some depth. There isn’t much impact at the moment because i have yet to add the background which will be dark. Well i hope to have the ears done by the next update and hopefully start working down the body. Figure 3.

Update: 1/4/2009-

It’s taking longer than i expected to get the right look on the ears. The reason for this is that i want to have a layered look to it. This will give that area much more depth. I’m indenting quite a lot on this drawing, because of the fine hairs. The hair on the ears are much thicker and longer than the rest of the hairs so im indenting with thicker stylus. After adding the value and outlining some hairs i then used the kneaded to give the effect of clumped hair. This will be the same technique that i will use for the rest of the drawing. Its a long process so it will take a while to complete. Figure 4.

Update: 4/13/2009-

I have progressed a bit on this update. Much of the progress has been on the hair and as you can see there is quite a bit of it. I have been using the same technique on the hair as all my animal drawings and even though its a long process its one that i wouldn’t change. One i have finished the hair i will begin to add detail to the grass. This will give the drawing much more depth and will start to bring everything together.
Figure 5.

Update: 4/17/2009-

The hair on this cat is basically complete. I might add some fine details as i go on but what you see is what the hair will look like in the end. As you can see from this update, i have started to add detail to the grass. The grass will be a bit dark because a shadow is being cast by the serval. Hopefully my scan is able to capture the fine details. I have also added a video below for you to see some of the progress on the grass. You can watch me finish this drawing and other demonstrations by going to Live Drawing. You can chat with me and i’ll do my best to help you out with your drawings.Figure 6.

Update: 4/24/2009-

So fare i have finished the grass on the bottom section of the drawing and im moving my way up. Before i started this drawing i decided that i was going to add as much detail as possible. There quite a few grass blades that i need to work on. They are not difficult to draw and add detail, its just repetitive. As the drawing starts to come together i will either darken or lighten areas to add more contrast. Hopefully this drawing will be done soon and i can move on to the next one.I’m working on this drawing live on my blog so if you’d like to see me work on it you can check it out here, hope to see you there.Figure 7.

Update: 4/30/2009-

This is a pretty significant update. I have progressed quite a bit on the background and from here repetitive work. The background as you can see will be quite dark and because of that will make the cat jump out much more. There are still few grass blades for me to finish, but will not take a long time. The black background will take me a while because im layering to make sure that its completely black. I first add a layer with 8b pencil and then blend that. Over that i add a layer of 6b pencil,blend and keep repeating until its completely black. I’m also darkening and lightening areas as i go along. So far its coming along great and im happy with the results. Next update you will see the background completely black and from there i’ll just add detail to the remaining grass blades. If you have any questions please leave a comment or contact me.Figure 8.

Update: 4/5/2009-

Well,finally finished this drawing and im so happy with the result. This was a long drawing and all the fine details that i added were worth it. I took my time on the hair and it really paid off. I wanted to get a layered look on the hair which adds dimension to the body of the cat and doesn’t look flat. The dark background really makes the serval jump out much more. I would like to thank everyone that has followed this drawing and for the compliments. If you have any questions please contact me.Final.

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  • Kitty 9 years ago

    Gorgeous! I have a serval hybrid and I love just laying in bed with him on my chest and the light comes in from the windows behind him and I stare at his ears. The hair is really unique… and funny, too. Sometimes I think it looks like an old man’s hairy ears… LOL

  • dev 10 years ago

    very nicely done your a real master, thanks alot for your tutorials they really helped improve my drawings as well, cheers

  • Lavell 10 years ago

    The 1/4/2009 hasnt even come yet…lol