Persian Cat

21 November 2011
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This drawing of a persian cat was a commission for a client who wanted it as a birthday gift. I love drawing cats and this project was very interesting. For this drawing i used multiple reference photos for the detail. The original photo was lacking some detailed information and using other photos helped in adding as much detail as possible.

Tools used:
2H Pencil
6B Pencil
8B Pencil
Kneaded Eraser
Color Shaper
Bristol Vellum Paper

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  • Susan 6 years ago

    What does the 4 letters stand for?
    Where did you go for college?

  • cristian 8 years ago

    excelente!.. tus trabajos siempre son maravillosos y cada vez mejor sigue asi, gracias por ser una inspiracion para muchos y por ayudar con tus buenos tutoriales..