3 November 2008
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This drawing was a commission for a brown Labrador owner. This beautiful dog was a great project and now Luther is part of my gallery. The textures and lighting gives this drawing so much life. Well i hope you enjoy this one. Since there was a Brown Labrador, it was hard for my scanner to capture the fine details, so some of the hair is not visible on this image.

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  • wibbys1 7 years ago

    Great work! I started pencil about 4 months ago and have made progress. I look at your work and am inspired to work and sttudy even harder. I tried apine cone and set it aside for now because it was very difficult. You pine cone looks like it could be picked up.

  • Peter Beebe 9 years ago

    Hi, I think your drawings are stunning. Do you take on commission work regularly? I was wanting a drawing of my Labradoodle.



    • onlypencil 9 years ago

      Thank you Peter. Yes i do accept commissions If you are interested let me know and i can provide you with details.

  • olivia 9 years ago

    hi can you please send me a step by step guide on how to draw this amazing image
    thanks very much and you are a truly amazing artist 馃檪

  • alexander bocanegra 9 years ago

    hola a todos sus dibujos son hermosos, tambien dibujo pero estoy e inicios desearia saber algunos consejo y me gustaria saber como dibujar frutas como la pina


  • Pola 10 years ago

    Is this a drawing? I was sure it was a photo. You are really talented. Keep good work! 馃檪

  • ivan 11 years ago

    Hi, i was looking at your drawings and you are amaizing, .., beatifull drawings!

    Quick question:
    can you draw based on an standard breed and some pictures ,how you think the dog breed should look?

  • Hayjaykay 11 years ago

    At the moment I am drawing a weimeraner who has a very short coat and wondered how you get the texture right.

    • admin 11 years ago

      Adding texture to this kind of dog depends on the size of the drawing. If the drawing will be large i would add texture using the stylus technique which you can read about by going here . I would also add lots of highlights with kneaded eraser to represent the glossy coat. There are my ways that you can approach this drawing. If you show me what you have so far to give you tips. Well take care.