Last Years Chimp Pencil Drawing

Last Years Chimp Pencil Drawing

Last Years

3 November 2008
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Just like humans,animals show their age through their features as well. This Chimp shows its age through its expression and age marks on its face. A different perspective of age on a beautiful animal. We will all age and how we look in the end will depend on the stress that was put through out whole lives. Either environmental,physical or emotional stress can affect our lives. The markings on this chimp shows that it has lived a long life and is ready to move on. It has battled to survive and has made it but its battle scars are apparent.

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  • gary gray 9 years ago

    I would like to know who does the soundtrack music to the “Last Years” video. Thanks.

  • gary gray 10 years ago

    re the soundtrack to “Last Years’s” drawing (chimpanzee). I saw elsewhere it said that the music was Rufus Wainwright “going to a town” but this was wrong. Could you please tell me who did the music for the video of your drawing. Thanks alot.

  • ANGELA 10 years ago

    This is the BEST I have ever seen
    I am blown away, No prints for sale ????
    I love this.

  • Slavica 11 years ago

    this one is my favourite ….i showed this to someone and got in to a lot of argument with some people who didn't believe that this is actually a drawing and not a photograph 馃檪 i myself can not believe what you can do with a piece of paper and a bit of graphite :). All the best to you !!

    • onlypencil 11 years ago

      thank you so much. These drawings are a work of passion and sharing them with others is what i enjoy. I hope you keep coming back and thanks for the kind words.