Hyenas Pencil Drawing

Hyenas Pencil Drawing


10 May 2014
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This drawing was a real long project but all the time that was put into it was worth it in the end.

Materials used:
4b Mechanical Pencil
5h Mechanical Pencil
6h Wooden Pencil
HB Mechanical Pencil
Charcoal Pencil
8B Wooden Pencil
Kneaded Eraser
Vinyl Eraser
Peterboro Illustration Board


Well, here we go again. This is the 4th drawing measuring 30″x40″. 聽This time i will be drawing 2 hyenas at rest. I have always been fascinated with these animals. These animals are disliked by most but i find them so amazing. Just the fact that they have one of the most powerful jaws in the animal kingdom makes them amazing. 聽I want to pay tribute to a misunderstood and and incredible animal. Again, this drawing will measure 30″x40″, it will be a long term project. As of now, i just have the outline for the hyenas. Im working on adding teh outline for the long grass and from there will begin to indent the hair on the hyenas. 聽 I don’t plan on adding a background because i want the two hyenas to be the main focus and nothing else. 聽I’ve got a long way to go, but im really excited about this one.

Update 1: 2/25/2013

Update 2: 3/13/2013

I have outlined the grass and will now begin working on the hair. I will be using the indenting technique for the hair. As you can see from the video im adding the hair behind the grass blade first. I have also outlined the flow of hair. This makes it easier to indent and will make it look more natural. I have a long way to go but im really happy with the way things are going.

Update 3: 4/8/2013

I have completed indenting the first hyena. It took me a long time but im done. I can now begin adding detail and will start from the bottom. Ill work on the grass and then move my way up to the head. Its going to be a long project but im really happy with the way its moving along.

Update 4: 8/1/2013

Hyenas Pencil Drawing

Hyenas Pencil Drawing

Im slowly working my way up to the head. At the moment im bringing out the indentations and adding highlights and shadows to the hair. Its a tedious process but im loving this way its turning out. I can really see it coming alive on the paper. Im really liking the textured look and the flow of the hair. I’ve got a long way to go but so far im really happy with what i have.

Update 5: 8/23/2013

Hyena Pencil Drawing WIP

Hyena Pencil Drawing WIP

I’ve finished a large section of the hyena,including another patch of grass. I have now started on the head and will move my way until i connect the body. Once that is complete i will move on to the second hyena. Here is a close up of the eyes

Hyena Eyes Pencil Drawing

Hyena Eyes Pencil Drawing

I’m going to take my time on this section in order to achieve the expression and mood that I’m looking for. Hyenas have really dark eyes and I didn’t want to draw just two black eyes. Therefore, I will be adding a reflection of a African savanna on the eyes in order to give them much more life. There is so much more to go but im really getting excited with the way its turning out. I’ve been asked how im drawing the hair. Im using the same technique that ive developed over the years and that i’ve used with all my animal drawings. You can try out the tutorial by going here

Update 6: 9/11/2013

Hyena Pencil Drawing

Hyena Pencil Drawing

The head is almost complete. Im just adding small details such as highlights and bringing out individual hairs to give it more depth. Im moving my way down and will attach the body. It shouldn’t be too long to finish off the first hyena.

Update 7: 9/17/2013

Using the kneaded eraser in highlighting individual hairs. Doing this adds a layer of hair that gives the illusion of depth. Along with this, i also darken the hairs below these hairs to give the impression of shadows. These subtle details is what makes a huge difference in the end. The first hyena is almost complete but from there i still need to add quite a bit more details. What you see now will not be the final look as i will either be darkening or making some areas lighter. Im really excited with the way its looking and i can’t wait to see it finished.

Update 8: 9/25/2013

Done!! Well, the first hyena is about 90% complete. I still need to add the fine hairs along the edge of the body. Still need to add the whiskers and other minor details. I might darken it or lighten it once i complete the second hyena. It’s been a long project up to now and it feels like its over but that was only half the project. I will now begin on the second hyena, starting from the bottom and moving my way up. I’ve got a long way to go but all the time spent on the first hyena will make it easier to work on the next hyena. I’m really happy with the way its looking and i can’t wait to get started and see evolve further.

Hyena Pencil Drawing Work in Progress

Hyena Pencil Drawing Work in Progress

Update 9: 9/28/2013

I’ve been recording myself working on this and i created this time lapse video. This is only for the first hyena but will make another video when i complete the whole drawing which will include this one.

Update 10: 12/3/2013

30"x40" Hyenas Pencil Drawing

30″x40″ Hyenas Pencil Drawing

The first hyena is about 90% complete. I still have the fine hairs along the edge of hyena which i will do once i remove the frisket film. At the moment im working on the grass and have started adding the dark areas to the second hyena. Adding the dark areas first gives me a reference as to how much value to the surrounding area. I have a long way to go still but the first hyena will help me progress faster on the second. I will finish the remaining of the grass when the second hyena is complete.

Update 11: 1/14/2014

Hyena Pencil Drawing

Hyena Pencil Drawing

This is a pretty significant update. As you can see i have progressed quite a bit on the second hyena. I will finish off the head and then will continue with the rest off the body and lastly will finish off with the remaining grass. Im really excited with the way its looking and these pictures don’t do the original drawing any justice. At this stage of my drawings, i get tempted to rush but i need to take my time and put in the necessary amount of detail to what remains.

Update 12: 1/30/2014

Hyenas Pencil Drawing

Hyenas Pencil Drawing

Its coming together really nice. At the moment i’m adding the shadows to the layers of hair using 6b pencil. By outlining the layers it gives the hair much more depth. It’s a tedious process but its so worth it in the end. The hyena is not much work compared to work that i will have to do to draw the remaining grass. That will be the last section and it will be the longest. I’m really excited with the way its looking and i can’t wait to see it complete.


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    • Irina 6 years ago

      Hello Lisandro,
      I'm really delighted by your art. I'm trying to draw using your technique, but I feel that something is eluding from my mind. Could you say what materials you use for chiaroscuro (distribute light and shade). I can't achieve the same results with only kneaded eraser and pencil. Have you used a knife in "Update 3"? Thank you!

      • onlypencil 6 years ago

        I use a tool called a color shaper. Its basically a pencil with a silicone tip. This tip is great for spreading out the pencil. Its a great way to shade with this technique. I have never used a knife, because it will just cut through the paper. The only things i use are needles or things that have a point that is not to sharp that it may damage paper. Using different sized needles gives you different ways of using, from fine hairs to thicker hairs. I also use pens without any ink(make sure that there is absolutely no more ink in the pen). The tip is great for thicker hair, its also great for other things such as adding texture to rocks and wood. If you\’re creative enough you can find different ways of using this technique.

    • John 6 years ago

      how do you creat the textur in the hair im trying to draw a bear but cant get to get every hair to stand out like you do with all the different shads and such i would really like to learn how to do that

    • Ginger 6 years ago

      Hi Lisandro,

      Any news on the hyenas? Am eager to see an update. It looks beautiful so far. Love your work! :o)

      • onlypencil 6 years ago

        Hello Ginger,
        I am still working on the hyenas and will be posting an update soon. I have other projects going on and whenever i have time i work on the hyenas. Thanks for following and an update will be coming soon. Thank you!