German Shepherd

3 November 2008
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Well this is another commission drawing that i did for someone. My main focus on this drawing was the fur. I wanted to capture that rough look that german shepherds have. It was a great project, worked with different textures and techniques. This german shepherd by far is one of my most detailed drawings. I put alot of time into this because i understand how hard it is to lose a pet and i wanted to be as perfect as possible. Kane was a beautiful dog as you can tell from the image and it was my pleasure to draw it for the owner. It was a great loss for him but im sure this drawing has brough comfort to his family and himself.

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  • black coat gsd 4 years ago

    Superb drawing and without been told it was a drawing i would naturally have thought it was a photograph. Excellent job man.

  • ukay 4 years ago

    wow! nice

  • Jen 9 years ago

    do you have a website for your work and do you sell works you draw or prints?

    These are so well done….

    • ahmed 8 years ago

      that is probably one the best drawings i have ever seen

  • Alex 10 years ago

    I love how you did the fur. so detailed. your just plain amazing. 馃榾 the tounge is awesome too

  • Duffy 11 years ago

    I never knew people could draw like this. I want my drawing skills to be this good, maybe I'll come back in 30 years and do a comparison. "All in all" exceptional work!

  • Rachel 11 years ago

    This is amazing: your inspiration really touched me, it's such a nice thing to do for someone 馃檪 your works are amazing, thankyou so much for sharing them 馃檪

  • José 11 years ago

    Hi Lisandro,
    The quality of your works is really excellent. Congratulations for your draughtmanship.

    Happy New Year !

    • onlypencil 11 years ago

      thank you so much. Happy New Years to you too!!!