Evolution: Great Gray Owl

11 January 2013
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Buy Original I have always enjoyed drawing as you can tell. But apart from my artwork i have other interests, science being one of them. I enjoy reading about new breakthroughs in the science and technology field. I’m also a huge fan of science fiction. I remember as a kid i would imagine how animals would look if they were mixed together, like a lion with wings or an elephant sized koala. I’ve always had a wild imagination and i guess this project is a way for me to release some of those crazy ideas that have been in my head.

If you follow my art you may already know that i enjoy drawing eyes. Eyes are so unique and an evolution wonder. I’ve always imagined a world or alternate reality where evolution took a different turn and animals evolved with one eye. This owl drawing is my first in a series that i would like to call “Evolution”.

This is a Great Gray Owl that evolved with one eye. I understand the limits that a bird would have, especially a hunter, with only one eye. It would definitely lose its stereoscopic vision. But that would be true in our world. What if in that alternate reality they evolved in a such a way that stereoscopic vision would be accomplished with only one eye. For example, only one eye would be visible but there would be two internal retinas that would do the same as having 2 eyes. Evolution is a wonder, and whatever the reason why birds would evolve with one eye would make sense in that world.

Well, lets get back to art.

Update 1: 1/11/2013

Evolution: Great Gray Owl Pencil Drawing
This is what i have so far. The eye is about 90% complete. The remainder of the detail i will add once the drawing is finished to bring it all together. At the moment im working on adding the details to the feathers. Im still using my indenting technique, but instead of hair im drawing feathers. I hope to have this one done within the next couple of days so i can start on my next drawing.


聽Update 2: 1/16/2013

Im working on the feathers at the moment and i have a lot more to do. The feathers have been indented and so far ive been mostly using the carbon pencil with 4b applied over that. Its giving really deep blacks and im really liking the contrast that it has. I’m still debating on whether i should add a background or not. I guess i’ll decide that as i progress.

聽Update 2: 1/17/2013

Evolution: Great Gray Owl

I’m almost complete with the other side of the head. I will then bring both sides together at the top and i will then complete the beak. Im taking my time adding the details in order to give the feathers depth and texture. I’m a huge fan of texture and im really with the way this drawing is looking.

Here is a closeup of drawing.

Evolution: Great Gray Owl Closeup

You can see the feather barbs and that is what im focusing on. Im adding the shadows under them. Im darkening some to suggest that they are under other feathers which block the light. I also find myself using the charcoal pencil quite a bit. That makes me nervous because if im not careful it can get really messy.


Finished: 1/24/2013



This drawing Was a fun project. It was something that i’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’m really happy with the way it turned out. I decided to keep the background simple in order for the owl to be the only focus and nothing else. I will be adding more drawings like this to my gallery with other ideas that i have in the future. Its hard to appreciate the amount of detail from this image. The charcoal pencil really makes this drawing pop and gives it such a dramatic feel.

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  • draw with pencil 6 years ago

    your drawings really great

  • August Young 6 years ago

    how do you get your blacks so black?

    • onlypencil 6 years ago

      I use a combination of charcoal and pencil. I put down a layer of charcoal and then go over it with 6b pencil. If you want really deep blacks then you want to use just charcoal.

  • CiaranKimberlin 7 years ago

    Vsauce bought me here, and boy, am I glad! These are amazing pieces of artwork!