Cat 2

3 November 2008
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This one is small in size just measuring 5×7 but i was able to put in a great amount of detail. If you learn to take each area as a complete drawing you will learn that you can add so much more realism to the drawing. This way you will not rush the drawing and you will dedicate the right amount of time needed for it to look right. Your main goal should not be to complete the drawing as fast as possible but to make it look as close to the real thing. Patience is a must with pencil drawing and if you don’t dedicate time in your drawings you will always end up with sketches and not complete drawings. Take your time and you will see results.

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  • Femina 7 years ago

    Oh, my Got! It’s great!!

  • Jonella 8 years ago

    I would love to use this lovely cat drawing in a flier about the importance of having cats spayed and neutered. We have a terrible problem in my community about people abandoning their cats or “dumping” unwanted kittens in our neighborhood – because the people don’t bother getting their cats spayed and neutered! Would it be possible to use this lovely drawing in a flier that we would like to distribute to people in this community about how they can combat this problem?
    Many thanks for your reply –
    Kitty Kontingent of the Town of Lumberland (NY) (We’re just forming this group.)

  • Vern Piela 10 years ago

    outstanding piece of writing here at . Thiking to translating your copy into spanish for our readers. Will let you know after I talk to our writers. thank you.

  • Payroll Systems 10 years ago

    I go to your website when I am bored and I just have to mention that I like your template!

  • Rachel 11 years ago

    ive been looking around your website for days, everytime i come on, and everytime there's something new 馃檪 i also do lead pencil drawings, and, like Jose said, i really want to do a drawing as close to perfect as possible: one that i can TRULLY be proud of, but i dnt know where to start! i want to do maybe a wolf or dog drawing, but, as i sed, im completely stuck on where to start! please help! please email me with any tips (i put the address in the 'Email (track replies)' box :P) PLEASE help, and thankyou SO much for your amazing work and astounding generosity on helping so many people 馃檪

    • onlypencil 11 years ago

      hello, thank you so much on visiting my website and for the kind words. Being able to get as much realism as possibles takes practice and understanding what you are drawing. When i start my drawings, i usually start with the eyes. I take my time time with that area to get the right amount of detail and from here i begin to work my way out. Be patient with your drawings and just keep drawing and i can guarantee that you will see results with each one. Every time i finish a drawing i learn something new which i use on my next drawing. I know there are many things for me to still learn. Its a never ending learning experience, and that's what makes it such a challenge. Learning as much as much as possible and putting it to work. Im a very curious person and im always trying out new ways of using the tools that i have. Be creative with your drawings. well let me know if you have any other questions or need any other help. Well take care and thank you.

  • Jose 11 years ago

    i saw your website on youtube and decided to take a look at it. You are a very experienced artist. I like to pencil sketch. I was wondering if you could give me tips. I'm only 14 but my art gets some attention. I want to do my first real drawing that i felt i worked hard on. Sure i work hard on every sketch i do but there is always something that comes out wrong. Can you help me out? if you can give me tips please email me to

  • Sarah 11 years ago

    thanks for the reply, I had only posted my message before i really took the time to have a look around this site! I discovered the amazing tutorials, then felt a bit silly! your advice is very helpful and your are so generous to share it in this way! I'm a make-up artist and also do fx and wig work, there is a tool I use for hand tying hair into wigs, called a ventilating needle and holder its basically a pen like tool with a small metal grasp clamp on the end that holds the knotting hook, I use this same tool with a needle (with the end cut off to make a fork shape) to "punch" individual hairs into creatures, or fake arms etc! I was thinking it could also be used for your technique, the clamp on the end would hold various sizes of needles perfectly! heres what it looks like;jses
    they can be bought in from wig making suppliers or make-up effects shops like Burmans or Alcone (usa)
    thought it might be useful!

    • onlypencil 11 years ago

      im sorry for the late reply, but its so great to find that my tutorials have reached so many people with so many talents. I have used these tools and they are great. Its great to have the different sized points which give different results, your creativity. This technique can be taken to its limit with only the artists imagination. Understand what you are drawing and you will know how to use this technique. I would love to see your work some time. Well take care and happy new years.

  • Sarah 11 years ago

    !How do you get the wiskers so white, against the dark background? is it paint?

    • onlypencil 11 years ago

      its a technique that i have developed and has helped in achieving realistic hair. You can read about it here

  • Taline 11 years ago

    I love your work!!!

  • onlypencil 11 years ago

    thank you so much.